A Brief History of RMHS

Ramon Magsaysay High School (RMHS) has its beginning as the Governor Forbes annex of Victorino Mapa High School in 1952. It was in 1959 when what used to be the annex evolved into the Ramon Magsaysay High School named after one of the most loved Philippine Presidents.

What RMHS is now can be attributed to its effective leadership. It has been under capable hands - principals who have paved the way for its growth and success. Each one of them has made great and lasting contribution to the school.

Its first principal was Mrs. Maria M. Ocampo (1959 – 1972) whose term saw the growth of school from a fledgling institution to a full grown one. 

The next four years saw the principalship of Dr. William Ll. Estrada (1972 – 1976) who answered the needs of a continually growing student population in terms of more chairs and expanded canteen and library.

In 1976, Mr. Mateo A. Angeles (1976 – 1987) took over. It was in his 11 year term when the school topped the NCEE for the first time in 1978 and kept the banner until the NCEE was replaced by the NSAT.

Mrs. Esperanza B. Bautista (1987 – 1995) was responsible for making RMHS a leader not only in the division but in the region as well. When she left the school she had left a battlecry that every one has taken to heart – to continue the culture of excellence.

RMHS's star continues to shine under the leadership of Ms. Elena R. Ruiz (1996 – 1997). The school soared higher as evidenced by its academic achievements as well as physical improvements.

With his managerial and leadership skills, Mr. Leon R. San Miguel (1997 – 1999) made waves in face lifting the school's facilities. He emphasized the maintenance of cleanliness of the school's surroundings.

School year 1999 earmarked the coming of a yet more capable leader who made greater heat waves in RMHS – Dr. Cristina C. Reyes (1999 – 2010) with her at the helm, RMHS has undergone great transformation over its 1959 version. From its original three buildings which used to be the old North General Hospital, there rose the New Building with its ten rooms.

Facilities are continuously upgraded, improved and renovated. There are the computer rooms for computer education and literacy, the well – equipped and spacious teacher's rooms and Department Head's offices, the RMHS Cooperative Store with its Water Station and Internet Café and Research Center, the only one of its kind in the Division of City Schools, Manila, the ultra – modern and sanitized comfort rooms for teachers and students, the air – conditioned auditorium, the computerized EMIS Center, the eye – catching fountains in the school lobby and the stainless steel gate of the school. And under her leadership and support to the projects of the alumni, RMHS alumni made waves in the digital world by making their alma mater as the first public school in Manila to register their own website at www.rmhs.edu.ph and followed by its own social networking site www.rmhs.org.ph, thus making contacts with each alumnus much easier.

Anyone who happens to set foot on Ramon Magsaysay High School now would be awed by its numerous novelties and achievements. The school continues to uphold the culture of excellence, it defies the popular notion that "Once you're up, there's no way to go but down," it's because you can never put a good school down.

Upon the promotion of Dr. Reyes as the new Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of DCS-Manila, RMHS was very blessed to have a new principal under the leadership of Mrs. Alma C. Tadina (2010 – 2017). She is truly another dynamic principal who continued making RMHS stand proud.

In her first months, she has already spearheaded the blessings of the New RMHS Speech Laboratory, and the New Head Teacher's Office of English and Social Studies, and the landscaping of the flower pots in the school quadrangle. She has also made RMHS Alumni support very much active and alive by allowing them in providing assistance to the less fortunate students of their alma mater thru their project "Alumni Tree". Furthermore, under her very supportive leadership, RMHS Teachers are further recognized by being teacher exemplars in the division, and students are continuously receiving numerous awards and citations in various local and international competitions.

All these are possible because of the will and determination of the Principals and the commitment and dedication of its faculty in making this school a real showcase or show window of the Division of City Schools, Manila. UPHOLD THE CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE.